Who We Are

We are an organization with 2 primary LOFs (Lines of Focus) around reducing recidivism and advocacy for diversity in technology. We are home to the Reintegration Academy (RA) and Prison Education Project (PEP), which guides incarnated individuals, and those recently paroled, how to effectively reenter society. RA & PEP are the largest programs of its kind in the state of California. In our second Line of Focus we advocate for diversity in technology by partnering with major corporations, collegiate institutions and community-based organizations to develop technology programs targeting under-served youth populations.

Our Mission


We believe in the power of collaboration to effect change in our communities. Our mission is to cohesively harness corporate resources, social responsibility thought leadership and volunteerism to form community action plans in order to improved under-served communities and populations.

Our History


We were founded in 1985 by Willie and Earlene Thompson as Wilene’s Re-Growth Center. They had a vision to pull the weeds out of lives of under-served youth in order to allow them to grow and thrive. Wilene’s primary operations were running group homes, along with foster care placement and support. Mr. T., as he is known, was the backbone of the organization and Mrs. T. was the dynamic leader as Executive Director. After they retired the organization changed its name to Transcendence. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson currently are retired and live in North Carolina.

Our Board

Our Partnerships

We believe it takes strong community partnerships to effectively build communities. Transcendence has built integral relationships with several dynamic organizations. In the words of Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Below are organizations we work closely with to drive tangible results in the community.

Telios Training Solutions

Telios exists to help organizations and individuals to reach their full potential. We believe you are infinitely upgradable! We accomplish this through a variety of training and consulting services.


Sacred Sistahs

The mission of Sacred Sistahs is to empower, serve, and improve the overall health, well-being, spirit, and vitality of African American and African women and children by nourishing and elevating the mind, body, and spirit.


Youth Action Project

Empower youth and young adults in the development of skills and habits needed to experience economic and social success.


621 West Covina Blvd. San Dimas, CA 91773

Transcendence is a 501(c)3 organization.

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