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Transcendence brings together corporations and community partners to educate, inspire and empower high opportunity students from under-served communities around STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math). Our programs include Limitless Technology Workshop and Inspire Technology Summit.

Inspire Tech Summit 2020

Inspire Tech Summit is a program for high school students started in 2012. The program’s core components include bringing technology leaders from diverse backgrounds to engage with the student, providing mentoring sessions and award college scholarship. The program has partnered with Edison International for funding support and Youth Action Project for volunteer support. It has been held on the college campuses of Harvey Mudd College and Cal Poly Pomona. Inspire’s goal is to change the mindset of the student from being consumer to be a creator, and from being buyers to become builders of technologies.

Limitless technology workshop

Limitless Technology Workshop is a program that was held at Microsoft Technology Center in Irvine California beginning in 2010. The concept was formed through collaboration between Transcendence and Cora Carmody Founder of Technology Goddesses. The students consistent of 4th through 6th grades from various school districts in the Inland Empire of California. The workshop provided hands on experience with technologies including motion capture, robotics and digital communications. The goal of Limitless is show youth from under-served communities viable careers in technology and that their aspirations can flourish without boundaries.

621 West Covina Blvd. San Dimas, CA 91773

Transcendence is a 501(c)3 organization.

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